Sunday, April 28, 2013

Writer Lost

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I am sure this is not new to any of you seasoned or even new writers and authors, but I am getting lost in the mess of things. I was going along and writing, and getting some great ideas on paper. Then, my other books sales are slowing to a halt, and I get distracted.

Here is what you might or might no know about what I have been up to:
  • Supposed to be writing my next big novel.
  • Connecting with other writers for blog guesting/hosting.
  • Reading books about writing.
  • Serving the Internet for writers.
  • When finding writers connecting to writers they know.
  • Filling up my Favorites with Author/Writer/ Agents Blogs.
  • Created a new folder in favorites titled Writer's Blogs.
  • Reorganized my favorites bars and put things in folders.
  • Thought about forums I should join.
  • Re-read my business plan for being a writer.
  • Found out I accomplished a lot on my plan- including Guest Blogging.
  • Created a spreadsheet to keep track of all my guesting and hosting of authors/writers.
  • Avoided the library of ebooks I could download on my Kindle.
  • Worked on adding some Widgets to my blog.
  • Found out I did not accomplish finishing this book by May (unless I do in the next 3 days).
  • I found out I am someones favorite on Smashwords!
  • I made $11.72 on Smashwords.
  • I have not written anything in 2 weeks.
  • Found out I can link to others blogs to my blogs by pushing a button on their blog; I am so using this.
So, on top of my day job, and family life, I have been a WRITER LOST.
I have found some cool writers to connect with and definitely felt validated and less alone. So that is one positive. I, also, looked into a lot of authors who are making anywhere between $2,500 - $10,000 a month on Indie Ebooks. I am not sure if it is encouraging or discouraging that they made that much.

Some (not all) of their books are not that top notch, but I guess it is all about giving the public what they want. Someone is interested in their books for them to make all that money.

I think I am looking for some sort of recipe, step-by-step, or magic beans to be successful as a writer. I feel like I am building a bridge on one side of land hoping there is land on the other side to connect it. Am I writing, and never going to make the money or achieve the success I desire. I guess, if there is not land on the other side, I can use it to launch hang-gliders.

Anybody else lose this focus, and get a little lost?

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