Sunday, April 14, 2013

Be an Outsider

A good way to increase your writing skills is to experience new things. Just like traveling, new experiences add a lot to your tool box as a writer. Make a list of new experiences.
Here are just a few you can do:
1. Take a class in something physcial (karate, yoga, kick boxing).
2. Learn a new language.
3. Interview for a job you have no idea how to do.
4. Go to a movie that you think you will hate.
5. If you are a meat eater, go eat at a Vegan Cafe. If you are a Vegan, go to a steak house.
6. If you are a parent, (within reason) live part of a bachelor or bachlorette life for a weekend.
7. Go to a DIY clinic at Home Depot.
8. Garden.
9. Foster a pet.
10. Do a ride along with a policeman/woman.
11. Go to a different church and denomination.
12. Go without electronics for a week. If you are determined, without electricity.
13. Ride your bike to work.
14. Don't buy anything for a month.

I am sure you can think of a few things to do. It might help you create new characters or plots. At the very least it might make you feel better about your way of life. What are your ideas?

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