Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrating My 100th Post

I am a big fan of celebrating milestones.
This is my 100th post on Writer + Wilderness Girl Under It All.
Please cue the music . . . Morrissey's We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful music here. 
Really go to the link. I will wait. Still waiting. You are too stubborn. Anyway!
It was my goal to have 100 posts before June 1st. (If you look there were a lot of last minute posts.)

A lot has happened since I started this blog in September 2012.

What has happened:
  • I published my first ebook Trail Swap.
  • I published Off-Trail & Tunnel W.
  • I jumped into the Indie author marketing world (like it or not).
  • I dedicated specific time to writing, marketing, and blogging.
  • I made some (small) profit on my writing.
  • Life.
Other milestones I will be celebrating in the Future:
  • 100 followers on my blog.
  • Writing 100 more pages of my book in the works.
  • Get 100 reviews of my book(s).
  • Reach 100 authors that I have connected with on-line.
  • Make $100,000 in profit. (Long-term goal?)
  • Write a 100 consecutive hours of my waking time. (Crazy?)
  • Have a 100 screaming fans come to a book signing.
  • Lose half-a hundred pounds. (Nothing to do with writing, but worth putting in here.)
Thank you for reading my blog.
What ideas do you have for author goals? What are your goals? What milestones have you reached? What books would you like to be written? Suggested blog posts?

Okay, now that I have reached a hundred posts, I will refocus to writing my books, but not tonight. I am way too tired.

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