Thursday, May 30, 2013

36 Themes for Author Interviews

Sometimes the straight-forward questions are okay. Sometimes, however, interviews need to be spiced-up, made interesting, and/or have a different twist to them. This will make it more interesting for the reader, the interviewee, and the interviewer.
Putting more effort and creativity into your questions is appreciated by interviewees.

Here are some ideas of different themes or things to focus on during an author interview.

1. The Author. (Family, life, other job, hobbies, etc.)
"What do you think about her writing?"
"I think she writes too much."
2. A New or Recent Book.
3. Many of his/her books.
4. His/her writing style.
5. The setting of the book. (Time & Place)
6. His/her inspiration(s). (Not the Chicago song)
7. Interview a character from their book.
8. Do the interview inside his/her book.
9. His/her readers or fans.
10. Marketing of books.
11. Ebook revolution opinions.
12. His/her favorite writer(s).
13. His/her favorite books.
14. Future goals and/or writing.
15. From point of view of his/her pets.
16. "If a movie was made" questions.
17. Alphabet questions. Go through the alphabet focusing questions  A-Z. Example, When were you characters most Angry? Who is most Believable? 26 questions might be a lot though.
18. Do an Acrostic with the authors last name or book name.
19. Inspiration for the cover of his/her book.
20. Is he/she a successful writer?
21. Resources he/she uses as a writer and in marketing his/her book.
22. Current event or trends in writing.
23. His/her writing team. Editor, publisher, marketer, etc.
24. A class or workshop he/she is teaching/hosting.
25. Organizational style.
26. Genre jumping.
27. Predictions for writing trends.
28. His/her blog.
29. His/her best kept writing secret.
30. Interview his/her spouse or partner.
31. Interview his/her kid.
32. Interview his/her best friend.
33. Try to convince them to change something in their book. "I think we should have Bobby win the big prize at the Science Fair." "No, that would not work." "Why? Is it because you like the other characters better?" This could generate some good conversations.
34. Have a party with the author and all his/her characters. Who will spill the chips? Who will be late? Who will hit on all the guys in the room? Who will steal the television?
35. Author gives you # reasons why you should read the book.
36. Decide where he should send the book's characters on vacation.

What themes have you used in interviews? Other ideas on themes? Thought on my ideas for themes?

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