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Trail Swap is my first book. It was written throughout many stages of my life. It was mostly written when I was living in the woods of Florida and North Carolina. It is about finding out where you don't want to be in life, and the adventures of meeting people along the way. Click on the picture to buy.
Swap and Farryn search for direction in their lives. Swap throws a pack on her back and heads north on the Appalachian Trail. She is nursing a recent love loss, and is trying desperately not to fall for anyone on this trip. On the journey she runs into memorable fellow hikers Leavalot, Turtle, Average Joe, and Evil Jesus. The townies she runs into are equally memorable and she puts her life in their hands with each hitch. Farryn travels south and is Florida bound. Her road blocks are in the form of a little bad luck, love interests, a tractor, a 10 year old boy, and southern charm. 
Off-Trail: Trail Swap is as spin-off of Trail Swap in a way. It is in an effort to try to get more traffic to Trail Swap. My main goal was to have a short story, but it became a bit longer as the characters took the stage. It is a kind of behind the scenes look at Trail Swap. Click on the picture above to buy.
Tunnel W started out as a writing exercise. Then I tried to change it into a short story, and then it became much longer. This strays from my usual genre. It is a dystopia, action-packed, fighting book. It does have a female hero, which does fit me. Click on the picture to buy.

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  1. Michele its got to feel good to see your book on websites like Amazon. That would be a huge step. I know I got a little excited to see it on amazon..