Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In Less Than 3 Months: Book Finished

In less than three months I have finished a book. Finished is a relative term, because there are edits and some descriptions to be done, and maybe some back
story . . . Anyway for our purposes here, I am done. To me this is amazing! Some of you might spit out a book every month or two, but my first book (mostly because it collected dust for so long) took me 10 years from first word to epublishing.

Being egocentric in this way, I feel like my life is quiet hectic between work and family and episodes of my favorite Showtime series, I do not have much time. I even took 10 days off in July when I went on vacation.

What made me successful at it?
1. I avoided blogging.
2. Stayed away from marketing.
3. Was very interested in the story.
4. Put on headphones to cancel out the chaos of my house.
5. Wanted to finish quickly.
6. I got a laptop. (Very old but allows me to write instead of fighting for the one computer in the house.)

I don't have a name for it. I will blog later about finding a title for your book. For now it will be known as "the book that took me less than three months to write."