Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thawing Hearts: On the Virtual Bookshelves

I'm not sure if it is one book shelf or many book shelves... either way... Thawing Hearts is now available to buy from Amazon Buy It Here.

This book has more danger than my first book Trail Swap, has a witty sister-in-law, an annoying brother and adorable twin nieces. There is also a scene where lesbians compete for a date that is nothing like that show on TV where they give the roses. It's much better.

Here is the summary: (Jae helped put this together.)

After being left by her girlfriend, Libby Hollis was prepared to spend a lonely Christmas Eve with Chinese food and apple pie. She didn’t count on getting stuck in an ATM booth with Keva McKie, a special-forces soldier trying to make it home from leave.

Once freed, Libby decides to take Keva to Boston, where she meets Keva's family. As they spend the holiday together, romantic sparks start to fly until Keva abruptly has to return to duty.

Keva knows she should focus on her dangerous missions, but she can’t get Libby out of her mind. Libby can’t deny the bond between them either, even though she has been badly hurt by her ex.

Will careers and past heartaches keep them apart, or will love thaw their hearts?

A comment was recently left by one of my readers that said that the story sounded familiar and then she realized that she had read the short story ("Cashing in on Christmas") from which it derived. So many fans, hundreds I think, or was it five? Anyway, so many fans suggested that I turn it into a book, so here it is.

So I should sell at least five of these suckers. I feel extremely lucky that I already have sold more than five and currently Thawing Hearts is #5 on Amazon's Top Seller List in the category of lesbian, romance fiction. That's not too shabby.

Check it out!