Guest Posts Wanted

I am opening up my blog to guest posts, and I am also open to doing guest posts for blogs.
I am looking for writing and receiving guests posts on the following subjects:
  • Writing
  • Marketing Books
  • ebooks
  • Publishing
  • Outdoors/Nature
  • Authors
  • Book spot lights
  • Indie Authors
  • Inspiration
Please email me at
Put GUEST BLOG as your subject.
If you have a blog, please give me the website.

*If your blog topic does not match any of the above topcs, you can email me and I might consider your topic.

Happy Trails and Happy Blogging.
Michele M. Reynolds


  1. Hi Michele, thanks for stopping by my site. I'd love to guest post on your blog, I'll think about a topic to write and run it by you.

  2. Hi Michele! Its your favorite daughter Emily!You should put more pictures of me on this website then more people will read it.
    Ur welcome,
    P.S I want a pet Squirrel:)

  3. Hi its Emily again! U should write a book about me! It should be about the time i shot zombies with paint balls for two minutes! Or my adventures of stepping in the toilet. :)
    It would be very interesting

  4. Hi its Emily yet again:) you should write a book about me. k bye