Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hey Kids, Here's a Book Dedicated to You

My writing has reached into new areas. I published "A Dozen East". It's my first attempt at YA and my first non-lesbian book. Thus the first book my three kids could read. The three of them are bigger readers than the average American 11 & 13 year old.
My 13 year old Emily is a feverish reader. She devours three, lengthy books at a time. My two 11  year old boys are a few steps behind Emily. Ty reads more than Eli and nips at Emily's heels in amount of books written on our family book chart. Eli reads when the fancy strikes.

Since Emily was such an avid reader and has no aversion to being blunt, I was most worried about her assessment of my book. To my delight, she stated that she loved it. Ty brought the book to school and bragged to all his friends that his step-mother wrote it. He opened up the dedication page to prove it. Eli on the other hand... probably lost it somewhere next to his baseball glove and iPhone (that for the record, I did not buy him or pay the bill).

Either way, it's mighty nice to be able to share my writing with my kids. I left the book on a cliff-hanger and set it up for a sequel. They are begging me for more... but the list of my other ideas for books are calling me. Someday, I'll write a sequel. Until then, Eli look for the book and answer my texts.