I am Michele M. Reynolds a self-published author several books starting with Trail Swap and the most recent released in 2016 Her Feet on Fire. I mostly write\s contemporary romance and have braved into the world of post-apocalypse and paranormal. I've written one YA book at the request of  my kids who are too young to read my other books. I'm an active member of GCLS and encourage all lesbian or queer women to join.

The title Writer & Wilderness Girl Under It All comes from her love of writing and her roots of working and living in the woods for some years after college. She leans towards a life of simplicity, and dreams of living back in a tent contstructed of pine tree uprights, ridge poles, side-rails, rafters, and a thick yellow tarp. (A life you'll find in one of my books being released in 2017.)

Since age 5 I knew I wanted to be a writer, and I told everyone I knew that is what I wanted to do. I studied journalism in school, and then went another route when I realized being an author was not in the cards for a solid career path. Now I live in New England and have a day-career by day. Still the creative bug is at work all day and night to create more characters and stories.

I currently live in New England with my wife + 1 Dog. I have a roof over my head (not a tarp), electricity (not kerosene) and still I firmly believe I am a Writer & Wilderness Girl Under It All.

I hope you enjoy the blog I plan to write about the outdoors, writing, parenting, life in general, and randomness.


  1. I found your blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe. It's nice to connect.

    World of C. D. Verhoff

  2. Love your blog! Helpful content (:

  3. the cat in the hat knows all about that

  4. Michele, Thank you so much for donating a copy of your book, Love's Autograph, to PFLAG York. We have an LGBTQ Book display in the local public Library window every year and your book will be on display in that window with those of other LGBTQ writers. On behalf of PFLAG York, thank you for your writings and for your donation.

    Sincerely, Ann Kemper