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Missy Michaels Interview: From Cereal Box Reader to Writer

She (Missy Michaels) was inspired by a 4 year old neighbor who already knew how to read and she didn't know yet. She learned how to read and started reading everything in sight. Books, cereal box panels while she ate breakfast, the ingredients list on lotion bottles and everywhere else she saw words. She's observant and has a wonderful imagination and is starting work on her second novel!
                                                                                                                    -From Goodreads

TradeMark Remark:
If Missy was on a camping trip, what would be her role?   COOK 
        (I am hoping that since she likes barbecue she can make it).

This is me trying a new interview style of questions involving numbers. Missy Michaels was a good sport and played along.

What is the #1 reason you are a writer?
The number one reason that I’m a writer is that I’m fascinated with the way the right word can evoke a specific feeling.

 Who are 2 authors who have inspired you?
Two authors who inspire me with their style of writing are Ann Leary and Elizabeth Berg.

What are 3 reasons readers should read your book?
One reason is because it introduces brand new characters to the reader. The second is because it introduces me, Missy Michaels, to the reader. The third reason is because To the Swift tells the story of a marriage that is in trouble, a friendship that is so completely twisted and of a secret obsession.

If you had 4 hours to spend with any character, who would you spend it with, and what would you do?
I would spend the four hours with Victor Newman on Young and the Restless in Genoa City, WI (fictional town) and we would have breakfast at Gloworm and lunch at his mansion and he would give me a tour of Newman Enterprises and the new restaurant On the Boulevard and of Adam’s penthouse.

What are the Fab 5 things authors/writers should have?
1. An active imagination.
2. An eye for detail.
3. Curiosity about human behavior.
4. A dictionary.
5. A love of reading.

What are you usually doing at 6 am?
Dreaming usually, if I’m up at 6 am I’m probably not that happy about it.

 If you had 7 seconds to describe your book to someone, what would you say?
 It’s an intriguing story with fascinating characters waiting for you. Go see.

If you could travel anywhere or anytime (time travel), and spend 8 hours there, where or when would you go? Why? What would you do?
I would use the time travel option. I would travel to my parents first day as a married couple. I would go to Fort Hood, TX Army Base. I would be invisible so that I could just observe the young couple at the very beginning of their marriage before the birth of me and my younger brother and sister. It would be so fascinating to see the very beginning of their journey that continues to this every day.

What is in aisle 9? Godiva Chocolate Liquer, Haagan Dasz Chocolate Chocalate Chip Ice Cream, Nestle Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Champagne, Pineapple Juice and Purple Seedless Grapes.

What are the top 10 reasons to be a writer?
1. Enjoyment
2. Relaxation
3. Exploration.
4. Love
7. Adventure
8. Creative Thinking
9. Recognition
10. Posterity.
AUTHOR'S SUMMARY: What is To the Swift about?
Monica Jerome grew up wealthy, pampered and carefree in Lafayette, Louisiana. Daniel LeBlanc grew up poor in the nearby town of Breaux Bridge. Daniel meets, pursues and marries Monica after only a four month romance. After nearly ten years of marriage and the birth of their daughter and two sons they decide to leave the bayou country of Louisiana to move to Memphis, TN. After settling into a front office position with a luxury hotel in her new city Monica finds herself being preyed upon by an obsessive stalker. Unbeknownst to her, it is someone she trusts and considers not only her co-worker but a new friend. A spur of the moment decision to save a marriage has totally unexpected repercussions. What happens when a friend quietly and persistently unleashes his own agenda to make devastating changes to the outcome the couple desperately seeks?

To the Swift is available now!


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