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Bringing on the Poetry: Interview with Marc D. Brown

Marc D. Brown is a 27 year old poet from the city of York in the UK. He lives there with his wife and two huskies Misha & Mako. Currently, he works in a Medical Records office. He says that it is not the most exciting job but it pays the bills. He is author of Indie Author Success, 20Seven, and An Introduction to Marc D. Brown.

A lot of people have a preconceived notion on what poetry is...Well I'm here to try and change peoples minds. My writing is honest, raw, down to earth and very far from being pretentious.

 -Marc D. Brown

Hi Marc thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.

On your blog you write about the difference between being and Indie book author and a writer of poetry how has it been finding a community of Indie poets?
 To be honest I haven’t found a community of Indie Poets, partly because I’m sure I haven’t looked hard enough but also because I don’t want to be categorized. I don’t plan to only write poetry forever…it’s just something that comes natural to me so I find it easier. A lot of my poems have taken a matter of minutes to write (although it can be another week or 2 before inspiration hits me again haha). But yeah..i like the online communities I’m currently a part of as it helps me learn a hell of a lot more. With fiction been a bigger market there’s more ways to promote, more places to promote and more people are willing to give you a chance. Throughout the last year I’ve learn a lot from other authors and eventually when I put pen to paper to start a novel…I will have more knowledge than I would have just staying in poetry groups.

How long have you been writing poetry? What drew you to poetry?
I’ve been writing poetry and lyrics since I was about 16 years of age, the first time I had my heart broken of course haha. It was just a better way to vent anger and frustration.  

I noticed you had a couple thousand page views on your blog. How do you get so many views on your blog?
Other people would probably say relentless spamming but I prefer to call it constant advertising, with the way things are today, meaning EVERYONE can be an author I think it’s better to try stay in peoples focus as much as possible and I also hope the readers have enjoyed what I’ve written.

TradeMark Remark: If Marc D. Brown was on a camping trip what would his job be?
In Charge of the Music

Do you consider yourself a successful writer? If so, why? If not, when would you consider yourself successful?
I’m as far away from success than I ever could be at the moment. The vast majority of downloads I’ve had with my books have been over the KDP Free days only a hand full of people have taken the chance and bought the books. I think it’s because it poetry and a lot people think that all poetry is the same. It’s not!  

You wrote that the marketing aspect of Indie writing was "repetitive." Have you found any tricks or aspects of marketing that has been helpful?
Hahaha yeah it can leave my eyes tired at times putting the same information on countless listing sites and blogs BUT…I strangely enjoy it! I like the hope you get whilst your pushing your work thinking “within the next week…thousands of people could actually know my name” It’s great!  

Tell us about your books.
Jees…it’s like trying to write my product description all over again haha.

Well ‘An Introduction to Marc D Brown’ was my first and as the title says it’s an introduction to me and my thought process. It’s a dark place to be fair but I like it! My writing to me is honesty in its truest form each poem represents love, pain, hurt, violence, addiction, loss of hope…it’s life but in little poems and though who ever reads the book may just think it’s about me, it’s not! I guarantee everyone who reads it WILL find a poem or two that they can relate to.

The difficult second book ‘20Seven’ The title is a slight homage to the  “27 club” a lot of great young talent died at the age of 27 and as I turned 27 while writing the book the title was a way for me to pay my respects in my own way. The only thing that can connect what is actually written inside the book to the title though is the fact I wrote most of it age 27.

The poems themselves I feel are more mature and darker in some respects although more subtle.

 Any writing in the works?
I have a lot of ideas constantly buzzing around my head…to be honest it tires me out and I just wish I could switch off for a while but unfortunately not so now I have a 3rd collection of poetry half complete, a collection of short stories which I hope to put out at some point this year and also I’m in the ideas stage for a full length novel…I have post-it notes EVERYWHERE! 

What does the future hold for Marc D Brown? Goals?
I don’t really know what it holds for me but I’ll keep writing no matter what. I one day hope to maybe make a bit of extra money each month just to make everyday living that little bit easier. It’d be amazing not having to worry if I have enough money for a bill or stressing over the fact I may not have enough petrol in the car to get to work this week.

So just a little income boost would be amazing for my wife and I!

If you were stranded on an island but had all your survival necessities (food, water, shelter, etc), what four additional things would you bring?
An mp3 player with the following albums pre-installed – The Doors – Strange Days// Every Time I Die – Hot Damn// American Head Charge – The War of Art.

A packet of Bic Crystal Grip ball point pens

A thick note pad and…erm…. sun cream

Thanks for the interview. Good luck on your writer's voyage!
Find Marc D. Brown's Books HERE.


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