Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guest Blogging Series: How to Get Guest Blogs or Interviews on Your Blog

A Little Visitor on My Blog
As you have noticed I have been using interviews or guest bloggers on my blog. I have been spending more time getting into this guest blogger connection, and not writing at all. Although I do not recommend the "not writing at all." I do recommending hosting and guesting blogging. See this article on the benefits of interviews for blogs.

I am still looking into several different sites to connect with guest bloggers. I looked into about 30 sites, and came out with only a few I liked. I will write an post on these as I become more familiar with how they work. I also cold-emailed several of my favorite authors. One of them emailed me back and did interview on my site.

 Here are some ingredients I am finding helpful for successful guest blogging and hosting:

§         Know your Theme or Focus of your Blog. This will make it easier to market yourself and to pull in the right bloggers.

§         Connect or build a relationship with the blogger you are approaching. Read his/her blog, comment on his/her site, and be familiar with his/her work.

§         Introduce yourself. You have been cyber-stalking them, but they don't know who you are. Give them links to your work, blog, etc.

§         Compliment & Flatter. Flattery will get you everywhere.

§         Talk about the Benefits of guesting or interviewing with you.

§         Be Specific on the type of guest blog or interview you wan to do.

§         Give them choice on how the interview would be done: phone, person, email, instant message, skype, etc.

§         Give them an out. "I know you are probably busy. . ."

§         Don't Be Hurt if they say no or do not respond.

§         Limit the number of questions you ask.

§         Make it as easy for them as possible.

§         Use unique questions (soon to be post on this topic).

§         Research the person. If they did interview before, know the answers, and don't ask the same thing.

§         Thank them.

§         Let them know when you plan to post the interview or guest blog, and notify them when it is posted.

§         Publicize, advertise, tweet, etc when the post is posted. Show that you are trying to draw   people to your blog.

§         Be organized. Know when questions are due to him/her, post on blog when you said you would, and do all the follow-ups needed. Make a spreadsheet, so you know the people you have approached regarding interviews/blogs, and their responses or non-response.

Guest blogging is beneficial to all involved. It gives your blog readers a fresh perspective, and helps you to make connections. What success have you had with guest blogging?

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