Thursday, May 30, 2013

Genre: Where Do I fit?

I have never been big on labels. I, however, cringe at the thought of walking into a supermarket and being faced with blank boxes, cans, bags, etc. Sometimes we need to know what category things sit in. I am not sure where all the books I have written will fit.

As I try to figure this out, I think about some things.

The Books I Read: When I looked at the books I read they fit in General Fiction category. I stay away from crime, thrillers, detective, and romance.
Look at a list of Genre Book Genres article. For a more extensive list look on Wikipedia.

Fiction Genre List

  • Action and Adventure
  • Chick Lit
  • Children’s
  • Commercial Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Crime
  • Erotica
  • Family Saga
  • Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • General Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Humour
  • Literary Fiction
  • Military and Espionage
  • Multicultural
  • Mystery
  • Offbeat or Quirky
  • Picture Books
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Religious and Inspirational
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Short Story Collections
  • Thrillers and Suspense
  • Western
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Young Adult
Depending on the book, I can mark it as Action & Adventure, Romance, Young Adult, Humor, or   Post-Apocalyptic. Still that does not seem to satisfy me as a writer. I think a lot of us don't want to be labeled. My mind goes to the t-shirt people wore in the 90's reading, "Don't Label Me."
I will keep looking.

Do I need a genre? Will it boost sales? Do I try to stay from some genres and try to bust into others?

Do I fit in many genres?

What are your thoughts on genres? Do you think if you put your book in a certain genre over another that your book will sell more? Do you Genre Hop?

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