Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Tricks

Maybe you can help me out. I have been trying to pay more attention to my dog, my kids, my work, the outdoors, and my blog (not in that order). What trick or tactics do you use to improve your blogging?

I am trying to do a 7 minute blog post. Here it goes.
These are the things I have tried to do to improve Writer + Wilderness Girl Under It All blog.

1. Setting aside time in the day to blog.
2. Setting goals. By the end of May I will have over 100 posts.
3. Set a schedule of days that are dedicated to blog and sticking to the schedule.
4. Making a list of blog topics for days that inspiration does not strike.
5. Building a network of guest bloggers.
6. Taking a ton of pictures at every moment I get, so I have an archive of pictures to choose from.

3 minutes left

7. Look at other people's blogs to get ideas.
8. Change the look of the blog.
9. I am creating a button for my blog.
10. Talking about my blog with friends and co-workers.
11. Putting book excerpts of mine on my blog.
12. Writing about books I am reading.
13. Thinking about my blog while walking the dog and driving to work.
14. Listening to inspiring music.
15. Thinking outside the box.
16. When I look up how to do things and find out how to do them, I blog about it to teach others.
17. I keep an Author's Log.
18. Networking with others.
19. Commenting on other's blogs.
20. Writing this blog.

1 minute to spell check and a picture. Not sure I will make it.
What are your ideas? (21.Ending the blog with a question thus summoning comments).
Went over by 2 minutes due to trying to find the right picture.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I always feel stuck coming up with blog topics =)