Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book in the Works

It took me years to complete  Trail Swap. It is in ebook form and I am working on getting it into print. Then I wrote Off-Trail: Trail Swap as a trailer for Trail Swap. I also wrote Tunnel W as a short story to get me some more publicity. Both can be found at Smashwords for FREE here.

Currently, I am working on a book "still to be named." It takes place in the 2040's in the Florida Everglades. It includes some interesting characters like biker gangs, police, security guards, and juvenile delinquents so far.

So far the characters keep running in all different directions and I have to keep corralling them back. Some of the characters respond to threats, others to bribery, and others are better listeners than others.

I will keep you posted as time gets closer. I plan to put some book excerpts on my blog.
This book also is forcing me to do some action scene research.
 Don't worry no readers will be hurt with the making of this book.


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  4. Sounds interesting.
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