Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dessert First? Choosing what Guest to Host First

Are you someone who eats dessert first? Do you leave it until last? I have the odd habit of eating all the broken chips and fries first, leaving the big ones until last. This became a fight when my ex used to eat my last few fries. That was one of the biggest reasons we broke up. (Okay I exaggerate. There were other issues.)

My point is that I debate whether to start my blog tour with an author I know, read, and love her stuff, or to save until later. I decided to give in to instant gratification!

Author Catherine M. Wilson, therefore, will be featured on this blog within the next week.
Product DetailsCatherine M Wilson has spent most of her working life as an engineer of one sort or another (broadcast engineer, software engineer) and people who know that side of her are surprised when they learn about the writing side. Catherine says, “I like science and engineering because I like to know how things work, and I like the arts because I like to know how people work.” Catherine has now retired from her other pursuits and is trying to catch up on her reading. She lives in a mountain cabin in Central California.

What makes Catherine M. Wilson so special to me? I love her When Women Were Warriors trilogy. Her first book was FREE. It was one of the first 3 books I downloaded for my Kindle. Somehow, 3/4 of the way through the book I thought, "How the heck is this thing going to end?" I had the fear it would be a rushed or a MILK TRUCK ENDING. (I think I posted about this, but if not.. I will look for a post titled MILK TRUCK ENDING.) There was not enough room to end it in the amount of pages left. That is when I found out it was a trilogy!

 I went form savoring every bite to devouring her books. Her second and third books were the first books I actually bought. (Most of my books were free or borrowed from the library.)

Upon reading the trilogy book a year ago I wrote reviews online and even emailed Wilson complimenting her on her writing, and asking (okay it was begging) her to write more. Then I read JA Konraths book Newbies Guide to Publishing. That gave me the push and courage to reach out to authors I admire to do an interview on my blog.
Catherine said yes! I threw questions at her and she shot back several wonderful answers. So kids, we are having dessert from California first on the blog tour!

In the meantime, check out her books! Wilson on Amazon That way you you'll feel more clued in during the interview.

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