Saturday, April 13, 2013

Such A Part of Me

Something are so engrained in people that they cannot imagine living without it. Unfortunately in today's day these things usually fall into the category of electronics (phones, tablets, televisions, etc.). As I got older and more worldly, (meaning I moved to college 3 hours from home) I realized that there were other people who had interests outside of mine.

In my head I know this existed. There were people who were vegetarians, loved Star Trek, or hated kids (not necessarily the same person having all these qualities). When I hit college, I had my first friend who was overweight. I guess I usually hung around with athletes and skinny people in high school.

I met people who could not catch or throw things. I don't mean in the sense that someone has bad aim or can't throw a curve ball. I mean I had friends that if you tossed them car keys from five feet away they would respond in a full body flinch.

Why am I talking about all these things? I feel the same way about writing. If I could sit at my computer day in and day out and write. I would. Somehow I am in this world needing money, so in the life I have created for myself in this moment that is not an option. I am fairly confident I could produce characters and plots and ideas to keep me busy writing for years. So, writing is a part of me that is engrained in me that I could not imagine living without. I would if I had to, but even if I was on a deserted island I would find a way to write.

Now, there are a lot of people who say to me. "I can't write." "I am not creative." "I don't know how you do that." To me that is as foreign as my college friends flinching at the toss of a set of keys.

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