Monday, April 15, 2013

Writer's Library on Books on Writing

I wonder how many books the average writer has on writing, publishing, marketing books, etc? I keep accumulating them. I easily have 25 books. When I went to used bookstores and new bookstores I gravitated toward these books. I now have a good handful of writing and marketing books on my Kindle. I would guess about 10 of them by now. What was I trying to accomplish with all these books? What does anyone hope to accomplish?
  • To be a become a better writer. It usually hampers my ability to write. When I a reading I am not writing. Okay, I do actually find some helpful hints in the books.
  • To find out other writers tactics. What is he/she doing that I am not doing? Why is he/she a better writer than me? The truth might be that he/she is not a better writer.
  • To find the magic recipe. Somewhere buried in one of these books there HAS to be the secret to wordly success.
  • Validation and sense of belonging. I don't know if many people do this, but they might. Reading a book about someone doing the same thing as you, or struggling with the same things as you, can be validating. You are not deserted  on the ocean floating along on your plot.
  • To avoid writing. I know this cannot be the case, but some writers might read to avoid writing.
Here are some helpful books that come to mind.

Writing Down the Bones
                              by Natalie Goldberg
This book was filled with short chapters and writing exercises to do. Natalie introduced me a long time ago to writing and keeping the hand going, not censoring while I was writing. She also has other books on writing that I have read Wild Minds and Thunder & Lightning. She has written 10 books. Check Natalie out.

Product DetailsNewbies Guide to Publishing
                                               by JA Konrath
This is my most recent read. Konrath transforms his blog posts into a book. I came out of reading it with pages of notes on writing, publishing, and marketing. He writes in a witty and funny style that makes a not so juicy subject appetizing.  It was published in 2010, and some of the information is a bit updated due to the changing world of book publishing. I think Konrath even changes his position on things due to data. You can get it for your ereader.

Product Details Too Lazy to Work too Nervous to steal
                                                by John Clausen
The one thing I remember about this book is that it was very informative at the time on how to be a successful freelance writer. I also remember he was a big fan of taking naps during the day. He even had a couch put into his office to support it. Due to the book of the internet, most of this book is obsolete. He, however, has a lot of ideas and concepts that still apply and an energy about him and you can get the book for $.01 on Amazon. 

Product DetailsThe Write-Brain Workbook
                                               by Bonnie Neubauer
366 Exercises to Liberate  your writing. This book intends to exercise your writing muscles. Each page is unique with colored pages and unique exercises. Love this book! I just checked on Amazon. You can get a used book for $.36. Just make sure you get one that does not have any writing in it. It is one of those books you write in.

 I have read many more, but as I went to my book library, I realized that I leant them out. What books do you have and recommend?

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