Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Party on the Blog

Yes, I am opening my blog to visitors. And I don't mean you Mr. or Mrs. stranger-in-the-night, who comes and goes without leaving a trace. I am opening my blog to guest bloggers. Hopefully, throughtout the next few weeks and consistently after that, I will have several authors, bloggers, teachers, etc blogging on this very blog.
I know it is too exciting. I need to dust disinfect the About page, dust the book page, and just Windex the heck out of the home page. Look at this screen disgusting! Were the kids eathing cotton candy near it?
I can't write much longer I need to go swab the blog. (That did not sound very PG.)

I will give you more information on our guests soon, and how I got connected with them. It involves an elevator getting stuck, a bowl of blueberries, and a drawer full of junk.
Oh, I will also be traveling to other blogs too. Don't worry I will link and floss.

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