Sunday, April 21, 2013

TradeMark Remark: Guest's job while camping.

I have started hosting guest bloggers, guest blogging, and doing interviews on my blog. The first interview with Catherine M. Wilson debuted today!

I decided to have a Trade Mark for these interviews. I wanted it to be something that had to do with my interests and related to the writers, authors and bloggers I was interviewing. This is what I decided.

 TradeMark Remark: Guest's job while camping.

For every interview I do my plan is to decide what the interviewee's job/role would be while camping.
Jobs I will be handing out not limited to the following:
·        Cook.
·        Fire Girl/Gal.
·        Shelter Tarp & Tent. (Hanging the tarp is my least favorite job.)
·        Kid wrangler.
·        Activity Planner.
·        Storyteller.
·        Safety.
·        Night Watch.
·        Clean-up.
·        Entertainer.
·        Van load/unloader.
·        Navigator.

I am excited about HOSTING all these writers, authors, storytellers, bloggers etc, and adding this TradeMark Remark is just the hammock between the trees of it all.

I hope that you subscribe to my blog and let me know whom you would like me to interview, give me ideas on questions, and/or just leave some feedback.

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