Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update on My March Mayhem

My hands were bound in the form of a mitten for 5 weeks. I was kidnapped, well-fed, but not give the normal privileges of life. I was on a Swedish sail boat out in the middle of the ocean. I had amnesia. Okay now all my excuses are out of the way on why I did not write on my blog.

The real reason is not as interesting as this, I think I just got busy and the blog fell to the wayside. I have been reading a lot, working, planning summer vacation spending time with my family, and writing. Also, for the first time in 20 years I was sucked into the March Madness of NCAA basketball. What a tournament it was of upsets. I think I will have to get a FGCU tattoo!

As for reading Two books ago I read JA Konrath's book Newbies Guide to Publishing. It is made up of his blog and he put it into a book. Some of the stuff is outdated, because there is so much change in terms of self-publishing, but overall it is worth a read. JA Konrath's Current Blog is worth reading if you want to make it in the ebook world.

So now I am going to play catch-up to make good on my blogging a dventure. I have stalled a little bit on my 52 Books Around the World quest. It was not that I was not enjoying it. I was enjoying it too much. My wife pointed out to me that now that I was reading so much, I was not writing at all. So I am stuck in Afghanistan and have refocused on writing and blogging and marketing. I will end with an amusing interaction I have with my family.

Me: Kids catch-up!
Kids (in unison) Ketchup? Where there is ketchup there are French fries!
Quote taken from Shaggy and Scooby.

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