Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big Changes in Life

There have been many big changes in my life. A lot of people have big decisions or happenings that lead to big changes in their life. Some people's life is a little more stagnant. Some of my changes followed a somewhat typical milestone in life. From elementary school to middle school to high school to college. There was moving out of my parent's home. Then there were changes that started to shape my life with more depth.
I'm not Alone?: One of those changes was when I "came-out" to myself. I realized since I was in 5th grade that I liked girls, but I did not know what that meant. I was brought up Catholic so I thought this was an evil part of me that I somehow had to defeat. I went to college read Rubyfruit Jungle (the main character was not the best role model for future lesbians), and the book let me know that there were other lesbians out there. Then I had my first girlfriend and my life took another road in a way.

Wilderness Road: I graduated college and snagged a job in the Florida woods. I lived in the woods with a co-counselor and 12 at-risk youth. Enough of a change? This job changed my life in so many ways. It put me out of my comfort zone, it gave me confidence, and gave me opportunity to make a difference.
Weird I have Time: The 9/11 attacks changed a lot of people's plans in life or it hurried them to their goals. People got married or decided to have a kid, or left their job to pursue their dreams. My girlfriend (at the time) and I decided to move from North Carolina up to New England closer to our families. This moved me out of my 24/5 job to the 40 hour work week. Weird I have time now.

From the Usual 2 to 5: Then there was the "instant family." I went from dating single women to becoming part of a family with three kids, then a house, then 4 cats and a dog. We got married in June. Having a family and being a step-mother is one of the biggest changes in my life. I think it is one I am still acclimating.  

I am not sure what the next change will be. I mean what big change will I make if at all. I quit soda for two years now. I go on and off of diets. I published a few books. I got new shoes. I am not saying that I have to make a change. My life is pretty, awesomely perfect.

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