Wednesday, February 13, 2013

16 Ways to Make Work Fun

I am all about finding ways to make work fun. This goes for chores, homework, hard labor, paperwork, general work milieu and meetings. There is a slogan I think coined by Ben & Jerry (the ice cream guys), "If it isn't fun why do it?" Sometimes these are my thoughts exactly. I go step further and say, "If it isn't fun, make it fun."

Here are some of my tactics. This are tested and proven for my simple mind.
1. Sing while working. Even if you are bad singer.

2.Whistle while you work (do do do do do do do).

3. Time yourself and try to beat your high score. This is perfect for unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, raking leaves, shoveling, performing surgery (works on Grey's Anatomy), filing, etc.

4. Find a fun way to do the chore. For my kids recycling chore we set up the plastic and cardboard bins and they stand at the top of the stairs and throw them in. See who can pick up the most stuffed animals. Do a slip and slide on a tarp you have to clean.

5. Have someone else do it. You can delegate a task. They might enjoy it more. My kids love doing dishes while camping. Go figure!

6. Pretend that your job is more important than it is. For example, when filing you are a secret agent looking for top secret information. Any time someone comes into the file room that is the chance  you will be found out as a spy.

7. While working try out an different accident. That is what telemarketers and customer service people do. They are not Indian or Pakistani, they are actually from Tennessee.

8. Give out stickers. When I give out my staff's monthly productivity report, I give them stickers if they are above expectations or on target. They enjoy them.

9. Don't go to work. Stay home and have fun.

10. Leave little presents in your staff's mailbox. Write fun jokes on a white board. Dress-up funny one day.

11. Invite a speaker for a meeting. Play a fun game to learn a new strategy or information. Have food at a meeting. Go on field trips.

12. Do a job with a kid. The conversation alone will be interesting.

13. Find a new toy, tool, sticky notes, or system to make your job more fun or easier.

14. Get friends help. Make a party out of it.

15. Teach your pet to do it.

16. Reward yourself for getting it done.

Check out this site for my ideas. Fun at Work

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