Sunday, February 10, 2013


Lately I have been thinking about different paths, roads, highways my life could have taken. On the internet, Facebook, and television I see people living in RV's, in tents, on the streets, in 180 sq. ft houses. I think about what if I did not have a family, a job, or my house where would I live.

 A few months ago I read a book titled A Girl's Guide to Homelessness. That book opened my eyes to the diversity of homeless people out there. In my mind I knew that all homeless people were not alcoholics, druggies, or have a mental health disorder. I, however, had some stereotypes and isms toward the homeless. Brianna Karp in this book talks about these belief systems.

 One of them is that homeless people should not buy anything of comfort or have anything that is not a necessity. For instance, homeless people should never go to the movies. Really? So that $7 -$10 that homeless person spends on the movie really could have paid the mortgage or rent. The other misconception is that they should have cells or laptops. Brianna used the lap top to get a job and was using it to keep in touch with people and search for a job. Here is Brianna Karp's Blog.
I went on a tangent a little. I wonder what it would have been like if I decided not to buy a house or did not have a family to settle-down with. I thought about an RV but too much on gas. Then I thought about living in a tent somewhere, but it would have to be somewhere warm. I thought about one of those small houses, and that could have been an option too. Either way, I would still need a lap top, books, and my dog.

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