Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dream Job or Dream Guy/Girl: Radio Show Topic

I was listening to DJ's on my archaic shower radio talk about the topic would you rather have your Dream Job or your Dream Guy/Girl. I only heard comments from a few callers because I have to stand still in the shower for the radio not to lose reception.

What would you want? The dream job might come with a lot of fame, fortune, or happiness. It might make it harder to sift through all phony guys and gals who are out for your money or mystified by your fame. If  you don't believe in fate or your destiny, you might want to pick the Dream Guy or Girl, because you might not find him or her otherwise.

Then I started to wonder, "Am I my wife's dream girl?" Heck, I am smart, easy on the eyes, have a nice heart, and I am freakin' funny. I am good with kids, and I am very loving. I even have a steady job that pays pretty well. What else can you ask for? (I just asked her the radio question and she did not respond with "you are my dream girl.") So, I have to be somebody's dream girl.

Goes to show, don't ask your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, or wife/husband this questions.

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