Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Kind of Dog Would You Be

I was at work today and a supervisee of mine told me that if I was a dog I would be a Saint Bernard. I did not know how to take that. I didn't know much about Saint Bernards other than on cartoons I saw them saving people in the snow and had canteens around their necks. I then did the stereotypical womanly thing and wondered if I was being called ugly or big and fat.  They are not that great looking.

Unless you are looking at Saint Bernard puppies, and almost every breed dog puppy is cute.
And the snow, I hate the cold and the snow. So, now I am even getting more and more angry becauseI cannot be this big, ugly, snow loving dog. It is at this point in this post I realize I am taking this too seriously.
So I go home to my family, and our family conversation around dinner was "if you were a dog what would you be?" They decided on a dog, and each one the family decided on for each individual was very accurate. Then the moment of truth came and what did they say?
Yup, a Saint Bernard. That led me to doing some research and I found out some things that made me feel better about being associated with these creatures.
1. They are extremely loyal.
2. They are very intelligent.
3. They are trainable.
4. They are even tempered and rarely aggressive unless needed.
5. They are good with kids.
6. They are very confident.
Overall, I found out that they have a great sense of smell, and are excellent rescue dogs. The rescue dog part I already knew. What I did not know that when the Saint Bernard found someone trapped in snow he/she would stay with the victim and lick them to keep them warm.


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