Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Read Your Children Well

Not to be confused with Crosby, Stills, and Nash- Teach Your Children Well.
I could write many posts about children and reading, and I shall. I have had many experiences with children's adventures with books. From my own childhood, own family, and including children I worked with in many capacities.

I will begin with currently. My family and I are participating in a chart that was created to keep track of the books we are reading.

 As you notice I picked to take the picture during a time that I was ahead by one. This is no small feat considering the kids read several books a day. They probably  are ahead of me, but haven't posted their books.

Making reading part of their life is important.
1. Read in front of them.
2. Read to them.
3. Talk about reading.
4. Buy them books. I was recently a lame aunt and bought my nephew a bunch of books for Christmas. He was so excited and said, "Nobody ever bought me chapter books before."
5. Go to the library.
6. Go to bookstores, yard sales, and anywhere else they sell books.
7. Create books with them. Writer your own books.
8. Read books that have movies and once the book is complete watch the movie.
9. Bring books on road trips and vacations.
10. DEAR. Drop Everything and Read.

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