Monday, December 30, 2013

Writers' Goals for the New Year

I am a firm believer of setting goals and setting them well. Goals that are vague or unrealistic are not helpful. Being a writer can be isolative work and there is a lot of self-motivation going on. If you are luck you have a family member, friend or colleagues cheering you on. In the end a writer needs to somehow motivate himself or herself.

Here are some attributes that are needed for  Great Goals:

-MEASURABLE- I read several treatment plans by clinicians through out the year. One common problem is that they are not measurable. How much and how often.

-SPECIFIC- Saying you are going to run the San Francisco Triathlon in May is more specific than you will do some kind of community run thing.

-DESIRABLE- You must want to do it. If you have no desire for it, then it most likely will not happen.

- ACHIEVABLE & BELIEVABLE- Set goals that are realistic. If you don't believe you can do it or if it is not probable, maybe you should rethink the goal. Create a more attainable goal.

- TIME BOUND- Give yourself a deadline.

-KNOWN or SHARED- (Warning: Made up statistic) You are 76% more likely to reach a goal if you let someone know about this goal. Don't just share with JUST anyone but share with someone who you know will support you and cheer  you on.

I am big on goals for the New Year. It might have something to do with the new year coincides with my birthday. I used to make goals for work, goals for myself and goals for my family. I know that is a lot of goals. I used to write a bunch of goals and tuck them into my wallet pocket. Every time I pulled out my credit care, there were my goals.

In 2012 I had one goal. It was to publish a book. I not only reached that goal but I reached every goal that had been on my list for years.
List of Things I Accomplished in 2012
I lost over 50 lbs.
I ate better
I exercised
I got married
I published a book
 The year 2012 was a successful year. I am not sure what my 2013 goals were. (Horrible) My brain is hard at work making goals for 2014.

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