Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surviving Guests as a Writer

If you are anything like me, I have this constant itch to write. I hope to find a bumper sticker that reads "I would rather be writing." My in-laws are visiting for a week. I am in the minority of wives and actually like my in-laws. I, however, have a hard time when people visit and trying to find time for anything let alone writing. This week I am even more itching to write because I was given a new laptop for Christmas. (I snuck away to write this.)

Here are some ideas of how to survive any overnight or long term guest.
  • Prepare them for time that you will need to write. Let them know how much time you will need and when you will need time.
  • Set-up thing that will occupy them. Have a friend take them site-seeing, set them up on a blind date, plan a massage, create a scavenger hunt, etc.
  • Wake-up really early or stay-up later than them. That is not working for me this weekend because by the time I wake-up go work-out, go walk my dog, everyone is awake. At night I am so exhausted from entertaining all day, that I have no energy for writing.
  • Find a remote place to write and hide for a while.
  • Bring your laptop into the bathroom. Not the best idea I know.
  • Write while they are doing something that they like. Write while they are on a run, shopping, watching television, playing strip poker, etc. I had a great time when a group of friend and I went to Key West. I went cafĂ© hopping and wrote all day. They went shopping.
  • Only invite writers or avid readers to visit you. They will understand and respect your need to write.
  • Plan extra time to write before and after they visit.
  • Just enjoy your time with your guests. Do something adventurous, new and/or interesting. That will give you inspiration for your writing.
It is hard trying to find time to write on regular days. It is even harder when you are under pressure to entertain. Try to find unique ways to find time to write.
How do you find time to write while guests are over?
Do you have this need to write while guests are at your house?

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