Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pitch Wars Winners are Announced

So despite checking for my name three times, I was not picked as a Mentoree for the Pitch Wars at http://www.brenda-drake.com/. In two days I scouted the mentors, wrote the query and pulled five pages from my manuscript. I also was not blown away by my submission. I figured I would try though.

I am bummed about not making it, but I am looking forward to some feedback from the mentors I sent my manuscript to. Some things I think I will hear are the following:

  • The Lesbian Fiction category has limited range.
  • You are hilarious and good looking and I was intimidating.
  • Keep writing.
I submitted a query for Love's Autograph. I like the book by the way and I am working on revisions now based on six beta readers feedback. I still did not get my editor's notes, but I am impatiently waiting.

I still can take part in Pitch Madness on Jan 8th, but I am not sure what that is yet.
On Twitter on #PitchWars there are a lot of other authors who were not chosen. (Thousands of people not chosen.) It is nice to have the camaraderie of them saying congrats, be proud you wrote a book, keep writing. It can be discouraging. I, however, know there are many stories still inside me, there are many blank pages ready to be filled and readers out there ready to laugh.

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