Sunday, December 22, 2013

27 Gifts for Writers

When I was younger my Aunt Gloria used to get me a writing journal ever year. She would sign the inside in calligraphy. Every year, I would fill it with my writing. I still journal but my writing habits, needs and wants have changed over the years. I no longer write stories, I type them. I no longer write solely about my stuffed animals. I write about people who are full of it. Every writer is different but here are some ideas for gifts to give writers.

Here are my ideas of what to get writers (or me) for holidays, birthdays or anytime.

1. Time to Write: This is the most important gift for any writer especially if they have a full-time job and a family.
  • Buy them a night at a hotel or cabin. You could take the kids on a day long trip or a weekend trip somewhere. My ideal would be someone renting a small rustic cabin for me (with electricity) or setting up a campsite for me. Other ways to save them time would be to do chores for them or watch their kids.
2. Laptop/tablet/computer.
3. Journal. Find out first if they like lines or no lines. Pay attention to the type they use now. I like the moleskin journals.
4. Writing program. Scrivener is just one. Cover design software. Research the most popular ones out there.
5. eReader.
6. Digital Recorder. To record interviews, to record thought or ideas while they are driving.
7. Gift cards or Gift Certificates to Amazon or bookstores.
8. Flash Drives.
9. Writing Books. On Writing, Write Brain, Writing Down the Bones, other writing tips books or thesaurus, Flip Dictionary, dictionary, etc.
10. Favorite pen.
11. Word game books or puzzles.
12. Word A Day rip off calendar.
13. New desk chair.
14. A massage.
15. Soundtrack to their writing. Make them a mixed CD (I still listen to CD's) or gift them a mix for their ipod, mp3.
16. For a published writer: Buy some of their books, get them to autograph them, and send them to friends.

17. Find  Beta Readers for them or promise to Beta Read for them.
18. Money for editors, cover designers, etc.
19. Signed copy of a book by an author who they like.
20. Subscription to stock images sites. (for their blog).
21. Pay for a month or more of their website fees.
22. Laptop accessories. Bag, cover, small table, etc.
23. Plan adventures or a trip that will hopefully fuel their writing.
24. Make a coupon book of things that you will do for them. Foot massage, take them out for coffee, read 20 pages of their latest novel, do dishes for a week, etc.
25. Pay for a Writing Conference, class or Workshop.
26. Help them market their writing. Volunteer to hang flyers, help out at book signings or readings.
27. Buy them business cards.

What gift ideas for writers do you have?
What is the best thing you have received as a writer?

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