Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Waiting for My Agent Charming to Save Me from Book Marketing

I know I am not alone when I chant, "You gotta fight . . . for your right . . . to write!" I am not into the whole having to build a platform (where are the nails) and social media. Blah! I have a hard enough time finding time to write. I guess I should just "enjoy the journey" and all those other bumper sticker sayings.

I was in a bookstore this weekend and saw ANOTHER book from a famous author. I said, "How does he find the time to write?" I said this to my wife who I am not sure if she is paying attention. Then I answered myself, "Oh, he writes full-time."

I guess a lot of the times, despite reading blogs and connecting with other writers on line, I feel alone and lost in this struggle to make it as a writer. I attempted to grab some help last week when I entered the Pitch Wars from Brenda Drake's blog. http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitch-wars/ I sent in a query and five pages of a finished novel to two mentors (picked from a pool of over 40 mentors). I found out tomorrow if I get picked for the second round and then pitch an agent.

I just finished reading How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn. It was very affordable and had some good ideas. She tried to make marketing sound fun, but still I am a bit unmotivated. So, here I am waiting for my Agent Charming to help take care of all the things that I do not want to do regarding my writing. Just let me write already. (Sorry if this sounds grumpy . . . I haven't had my coffee yet and it has been almost 40 years!)

What do you do to battle this marketing vs writing issue? Any ideas you have? Are you My Agent Charming?

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