Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Writer List of 25 Reason to Be Thankful

As a writer what am I thankful for today? I figured  I would write a holidayish post. In my life I am thankful for many things, and it is usually easy to create a long list. Let's see how I do regarding my writing life.
These are the thing that I am thankful for:
  1. Having the "right stuffing" of imagination.
  2. Readers who enjoy my writing.
  3. People in my life who support my writing, even if they don't read my books.
  4. Anyone who reads my books (especially who buys them.)
  5. Beta Readers.
  6. My editor.
  7. Health and ability to write so long and often.
  8. Spell check.
  9. The time I am able to scrape together to write.
  10. My characters.
  11. Resources for new writers out there regarding marketing, cover design, etc.
  12. Other writers support and insight on writing.
  13. Well written books.
  14. The FIND & REPLACE option in word. (For when I change a characters name or decide to move the scene to another city.)
  15. Self-Publishing and ebooks phenomenon.
  16. Automatic Save on my laptop.
  17. FanFiction.
  18. The time I am writing uninterrupted.
  19. Writer websites and forums.
  20. Anyone who reads my blog.
  21. My drive to improve, learn more about writing and reach more readers.
  22. A room full of book ideas in my head.
  23. The excitement of seeing my book in print for the first time.
  24. Reaching a life-long goal of writing a book.
  25. My dog for cuddling on my feet while I sit in my Lazyboy typing away on my laptop.

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