Monday, November 18, 2013

Trail Swap is out in Print!

I am excited to report that Trail Swap is out in print. It is available from Create A Space estore first. I will get more royalties if you buy from this site.

In 5-7 days it will be available on Amazon. I am so excited to see how the sales go, and to have people buy it. It took me three proofs to get to this point. Most of the learning curve came from the cover. Steph was a trooper and stuck with it. It looks great.

I can't wait to sign my first autograph. This has been a dream of mine for a while, and I am excited to see this take off. I have worked very hard on this book. I had friends and authors give me feedback. I have had strangers say mean things in reviews (okay probably not as mean as my skin is thin to criticism).

I had several friends and family members say to me that they would buy it but they don't  read on eReaders. Well here you go! No more set-backs!

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