Sunday, November 10, 2013

What to Ask of Beta Readers

So, you found someone special to read your book or writing. Now what? Once you find a Beta Reader who wants to read your type of writing. It is important to let them know what you want from them.

1. Ask them what kind of Beta Reading they like to do. Some people like to do spelling and grammar checks. Others like to just give their opinion of the story. Others want to do it all.

2. Let them know what you would like from them. It is best to do this in written form so that they have something to reference while reading the writing.

3. Talk about a time frame. Let them know when you would like it back by, and see if that works for them.

Here is a list of topics that you can ask Beta Readers to focus his/her attention. Pick areas where you would like feedback. Be careful not to overwhelm or not direct them at all.

  • Is the beginning attention grabbing?
  • How is the character development?
    • Did you form a connection with the characters?
    • Anything confusing about the characters?
  • Clarity & Consistency. Is there anything unclear or inconsistent in the book? (Did the characters hometown change mid-book? Eye color? etc)
  • Anything distracting about the book?
  • What emotions are evoked?
    • Is it entertaining?
    • Funny? Scary? Sad? Exciting?
  • Did you lose interest at any point? What point?
  • Satisfactory ending? Did you see the ending coming? Was it too out of the blue or unpredictable?
  • Any holes in the story?
  • Any part unbelievable or far-fetched?
  • Anything that you are wondering about still?
This are just some topics to start off your Beta Reading adventure. Make sure to thank your Beta Readers. You can do this by giving them a copy of the finished product, give them a shout-out on your blog, Beta Reading for them
or mentioning them in your book.

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  1. Hi Michele, thanks for sharing the questions to ask Beta Readers. As an author, when am re-writing and editing, I'll use these tips as a guide. Very helpful.

    I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! Please see mine: