Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steps Closer to Publishing in Print

First Proof of my first book in print!
I spent hours today working both on my NEXT book Love's Autograph and my first book Trail Swap.

First, last Saturday I received the first proof of Trail Swap. (See Picture) There were some minor fixes to be done, and mostly with the cover. (Thanks to my wonderful editor Mary Humphrey.) I think we fixed and improved things thanks to my lovely assistant, my wife. There were some minor margin errors and tweeks to be done. Then sending off to Create Space again to get another proof.

Second, I finished re-writing, editing, and adding to my next book Love's Recovery. Don't you just love reading what you wrote and laughing at it, and being amused? I love the characters in this book. Ria, Ellie, and Maggie are wonderful together. Next step, send to my editor, and await all the red pen marks! My lovely assistant is creating the cover now.

Third, pick-up on my next novel that will be a series and is yet to be named. I am busy, and heading into a hectic time at my "day job." Hopefully writing will assist with some self-help.

So I would say I very much motivated. How is your writing going? Do you do all your covers yourself? Are you publishing in print and in ebook form?


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