Monday, September 2, 2013

Publishing in Print

I am in the process of publishing a print version of Trail Swap. There is nothing more exciting than seeing my book in print. (Well, making millions of dollars on my book would be more exciting. Being interviewed on Ellen would be more exciting. You get my point.)
I just got Trail Swap back from my editor. Out of 465 pages I only had 70ish pages with no corrections on it.

What does getting my book ready for print look like? So far, I have done the following:
  • Using Amazon's Create Space.
  • Getting it edited and re-editing it. (This is like 30 times.)
  • Picking a book size.
  • Picking a font size and type.
Picking the font size and type has been the most nerve racking and fun part. I printed out the first page in three different types and fonts. (After researching on the Internet what font and size most books are printed.) Then I brought them to work and to friends and had them pick a page. Luckily, most of them agreed on the same page!

Last few steps, I need to get the cover downloaded, get the book downloaded, and send it to the publisher! I am beyond excited. This could be ready for Christmas.

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