Sunday, September 22, 2013

Proof is in my Hand

On Friday, September 20, 2013 I receiving my PROOF of my book Trail Swap. As I previously wrote, I have been doing through Amazon's Create Space to get my book into print. It has been a bit daunting learning the formatting end of things, but I will get there. So, my book arrived in the mail and five days earlier than expected. I ripped opened the box, and there it was my book. The words I wrote, the cover I gave input on, and my name on the spine and cover. Only another author could possibly know how this feels.

Now there are some adjustments to be made. Some of the more notable ones are the cover DPI and bleed, more interesting spine, and top and bottom margins of the inside of the book. Otherwise, it looks great. It is a real book, and I feel more like a real author. The book can physically sit on someone's shelf, their table, or in their fireplace. Let's hope they don't do the last bit unless it is completely necessary.

I am excited for friends and family (especially those not into ebooks yet) to be able to buy my book. I am being realistic knowing that not every friend or family member will buy it.

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