Saturday, September 28, 2013

Picking a Title

How hard is it for you to pick a title for your book? It is very difficult for me.  It took me weeks to come up with the title Trail Swap. It had gone 10 years with a different name. (I wonder what kind of damage I did with changing its name at 10 year old?)  It took me a while to name Love's Autograph. It went a few weeks with a different name, and when I tried it out on others, they did not like it. Now I am trying to get my cover artist to create a cover for Love's Autograph. I also have a series started taht I am struggling to come up with a series and individual book names.

Here are some things I have found helpful:
1. Think about Genre of your novel, and look up books in that genre.
2. Write a list of verbs, adverbs, adjectives,
and nouns describing your book. Mix these words together and try to find a good combination.
3. Use a name generator online.
4. Write a summary of your book, and then try to generate a title from that.
5. Have a contest on your blog or other writing forum to name your book.
6. Ask friends and families to give you ideas.
7. After your generate of list of a few titles, put the list away for a few days, and then come back to it.
8. Make sure it fits your book summary, and genre.
9. Just name it already. At least it is not as stressful as naming a kid. You don't have to worry about nicknames, what rhymes with the name, initials, etc.

Good luck! Do you have any tricks of the trade? What are some of your favorite titles?

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