Saturday, September 28, 2013

Canning, Creating, Stealing, or Making Time to Write

I went out to dinner with a new friend and my partner last night. She does not know us very well, and I announced proudly that I am a writer. She had so many questions. What were my books about? Where did I get inspiration? Where would someone buy my books? One questions stuck with me.
How do I find time to write?
Finding time to write so your keyboard doesn't grow over with weeds!

I don't know anymore. I love my job and the team I co-run, but I would love to write full time. I have so many stories bursting to climb out of me, and I haven't found enough time to type them all out. I also have not had the time I have wanted to research, market, and come up with a good plan on how to be a successful writer.

I was scanning the blogs that I follow and I came across Jody Hedlund post. It was validating to read what she wrote about juggling time. She has five kids (two more than me) and somehow she finds time. She had some great ideas of how to trim the fat out of things she does during the day, and prioritize writing.

Some of my ideas are similar to hers, and there are other tricks I have used or plan to use in the future.

1. Less television. Television is the killer of our time. It is so easy to hit the remote and be swept away by an 80's movie, or a home makeover show. I have made a list of shows that I will watch. It still is too much television for me, but I am working on decreasing it every day.

2. Stop working from home. I used to bring a lot of work home to finish. This has stopped. I just carry my lunch back, and sassy side-kick (some call it a purse, I refuse to). This has freed up a lot more time for my family, and writing.

3. Decrease social life. This is not something I had to work hard to do. I have already limited my social circles, and prioritize time with friends.

4. Parallel Play. I have since avoided the computer in one isolated part of the house, and moved with my laptop to the living room area. That way I am in the room with my family while they watch television. Still not quality time, but I am at least physically closer.

5. Capitalize on Alone Time: About twice a month usually I get the house to myself for a day. Any time I can get up early or stay-up later, I do and I can write.

6. Lay-off surfing the net.

7. Limit iphone apps or other smartphone apps. No problem here... are you sitting down? I don't have a phone!

8. Use many opportunities to come up with ideas for your book or your next book. This isn't actually writing but it is gathering information. Remember phrases, conversation, signs, settings, etc.

9. Try to limit other responsibilities. This could include household jobs, clubs, etc. I stopped going to the kids' sports practices. I go to the games though.

10. Exercise more. It might boost your writing.

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