Friday, January 17, 2014

Writing Life Made Easier: My New Writing Tool

I apologize if this sounds like a commercial or if I am soliciting. I just feel a need to tell more writers who might have been as na├»ve as me and not know about this time saving and "writing life made easier" tool. My tool comes in the form of WriteWayPro.  (I am not getting any compensation from WriteWayPro to write this.)

WriteWayPro is writing software to organize you novel writing process. You have to check out the website You can do a FREE 30 DAY trial. I bought it for $35. I have only been using this program or a week and I wish I had it three books ago.

I want to say that I am not a software engineer in anyway. I am just an Indie Writer trying to create, edit and organize my books.

According to their website, the creator of this program is the husband of a writer. He saw all the notebooks and binders she used to keep track of things and created this program. Then the wife encouraged him to market it. So it was made for writers.

In the brief week I have been using this program this is what I found helpful about WriteWayPro.
  • Navigation of Book. You can organize your book into Chapters and Scenes and you can easily tab to those chapters and scenes in a navigation/outline bar on the left.
  • You can LISTEN to your book. That really helps with the editing process. I had read through my book several times and just once listening to the book , I had pages of edits that I did not find reading it.
  •  You can create Character notecards. Currently, I have a box of index cards that I carry around with me. Now I just can click and have access to all my characters. You can add pictures of the character or locations of your book.
  • Research Notecards. Keep all your research available right on our screen.
  • Screen Shot Saving. Instead of saving multiple drafts of your book, you can save during your edits and retrieve the old version if you don't like your edits.
  • Great customer support so far. I emailed them with questions and they got right back to me!
There is SO MUCH I like about this program! Granted, I only used it for a week, but it has already saved me a lot of time and head-ache. I have researched but not tried Scrivener, PowerWriter, and tons of other programs. I don't have to, because this one does the job!!
What do you use? Have you used WriteWayPro?


  1. I might have to check this one out! I'm the most disorganized writer with the memory retention of a goldfish...