Thursday, January 16, 2014

Writing Goals this Year

I put a lot of thoughts into the goals that I am setting as an writer this year. Every year I am getting more organize, knowledgeable, dedicated, excited and serious about writing.

1. Find a Writing Mentor. I am not sure how I will find one or where, but that will be part of the process. Ideally, it will be someone who can donate their time to read my writing and give me constructive feedback.

2. Publish three books. I have two written and need to do the less fun part (in my opinion) of editing and multiple drafts. I have ideas for many more books.

3. Create a marketing plan. I have read books and dabbled in many strategies, but I don't have a great marketing plan.

4. Go to a Writing Conference or other social event. This was a goal last year that I did not achieve. This is due to several reasons. A. Money B. Not knowing which one to go to. C. Intimidated a bit.

5. Grow in my writing style. I know this is not measurable, but these are the type of things I want to do to improve on this.
  - Increase my vocabulary.
  - Read books on plot, dialogue, character development.
  - Put all my books through Beta Readers.
  - Take a class or workshop.
  - Read at least two books a month.
  - Read writers' blogs.

6. Find an Editor. Wish list not so much a goal. I need someone who is reasonably priced.

I am sharing this with you all. You can help hold me accountable and help me with these.
What are you goals for writing this year?
What other goal would be good for a writer?
Best goal you reached?