Saturday, November 24, 2012

Written by E.S.W. a 10 year old Author

E.S.W is as unique as they come in the package of a 10 year old step-daughter. She found out I published an ebook, and her eyes lit-up and she said, "I am going to do that." Then I said how much money I made so far and she said, "You didn't say you made money with books, I am definetly doing that!"
She is something else. When we pass vacant commercial areas she asks me and her mother to buy it for her so she can start a cupcake shop. She loves cooking, creating, and anything that could make her money.
She was watching me update my blog and said, "You are starting a blog?"
I answered, "Yes, I have been writing in here for a few months."
She said, "Write about me and my book!"
So here I am writing about her book. When she finally finishes it, we will publish it together. I will type up from her composition notebook, and get it published. She stated that I can have 50% of the money she makes on the book. (E.S.W I am writing this specifically in here so that I have proof that you said this.) She is a definetly a kid that 50% goes to 30% without something in writing.
She is very creative. I know her book will turn out wonderful. Who knows, she might even start a fad for other kid writers to publish. (This might have already happened I have no idea.) She can do whatever she puts her mind to. She loves to read, is wicked smart, sharp, and a great imagination and sense of humor.
So, when her book comes out, it will be advertised here. For now, it will be something to wait for from E.S.W.

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