Sunday, November 25, 2012

By the End of the Weeekend

My lovely assistant and wife stated that by the end of this weekend she will create another beautiful cover for my second book Off-Trail. Are you trembing in anticipation too? I could just quit my job and write, write, write.
I had a conversation a few months ago. It went like this.
"I think I am going to quit my job and just concentrate on writing books," I said casually.
My wife stared at me in a sympathetic look and smiling slightly."Ummm," she started. "If you could make enough money, I would say. . ."
"I am just kidding," I said. I wanted to save her the trouble of navigating "how to be supportive but say hell no in the same sentence."
I would though, I would love to join the ?# of people who quit their job and just write. Well, I am not saying "just write" in the sense of "just being a homemaker" because we know that BOTH jobs are HARD. I would like more time to concentrate on writing. I feel my brain is BURSTING with ideas for stories. I am so hungry to read and write (no rithmatic).
So by the end of November Off-Trail will come-out. It is an enhancement to Trail Swap, my debut novel. It will be accomanpied by my favorite for letter word, FREE. It will be FREE. I hope that it drawas more people to Trail Swap and other books.

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