Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daily Writing on My Hand

My co-workers and supervisees have a daily laugh as I say, "Oh, I forgot." I then take my pen in my right hand and write a couple words of reminder on my left hand. (This all started when I was in the wilderness and paper always got wet, and as a supervisor I had to write reminders down on the fly.)  Currently, on busy days my hand looks like a long poem. If I don't get my days work done before I go to the restroom a bunch of times, my list gets lost. I have sticky note after sticky note, list after list, and I am going partially mad. So, this weekend I spend time thinking about how to organize myself. What I am doing is not working . . .
Besides winning the lottery and getting a personal assistant, I was at a loss. I could make more lists of what I need.

After thinking about it for some time on Black Friday, I realized that what I needed was one place to have all these things. To avoid missed appointments, disorganized task lists, and to save my left hand from a tattoo of a sticky note, I decided to look into a PDA (personal data assistant). Yes, because of all the smart phones they seem to be going out of style.. that is the good thing. As long as I can sync it to my computer somehow, I will be good to go. The other good thing is, nobody seems to want them or are using them so something that went knew for $150-$400 now is $20-$70.

I researched the PDA's and looked on ebay and amazon. The way I do ebay is I put everything on watchlist that come close to what I want and then I obsessively and anxiously watch the time count down. I narrowed the search to a couple of Palms, Compaqs, and Dells.

Then I went on Facebook and posted that I was looking for a PDA and asked if there were any suggestions. Someone suggested and ipod touch (I would love to have for other reasons too, but can't afford). Then my long time friend from 5th grade posted that she had one and she was getting rid of it. She is mailing it to me this week.

Hold on my left hand . . . you will hopefully only be tortured a little bit longer.

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