Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pinked by JC Mells

A week ago I finished reading Pinked by JC Mells. It is part of the Pierced Series (Pierced, Escaped, Pinked, Perfect). I think JC Mells is the first independent, self-published author that I have fallen in love with her books. This is my third post about JC Mells see my JC Mells Interview. It is a Paranormal Romance and that is even further out of my comfort zone.

I am not sure what draws me to these books. (I will be careful not to have any spoilers here.) One thing that draws me to it is the character of Pierce. I love her internal three-some dialogue, her witty humor and her bravery. I love that she does not have all her stuff together but is trying the best she can. She doesn't come as a flawless fighting machine. She makes mistakes and does her best to claw back to good.

I love the uniqueness of taking culinary breaks. Read the book and you will get what I mean. JC Mells is the first author I have connected with on line. It is refreshing to send her emails and to hear back from her. It is nice to see her growing and expanding and publishing book after book.

What is next? I am going to read her next book Perfect. (Once I complete a Beta read and read Divergent before I see the movie.)

Also, look out for this months interview with JC Mells.
Check JC Mells and the Pierced Series out. Her books are well-worth the money.

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  1. Thank you for your unexpected, but extremely kind comments on the series! You have been such a great supporter and I really appreciate it, Michele :) THANK YOU!