Saturday, March 1, 2014

Amtrak Residency

I recently saw a post about travel and I am itching to travel again. I mean traveling more than five hours from my home. I usually have plenty of time to use up for vacation time from work. The issue is finding something affordable and conducive to the family.

I stumbled upon articles about Amtrak Residencies. Some authors were tweeting, blogging or writing about wanting an Amtrak Residency. Then Amtrak granted a few. Now writers are all a buzz about trying to get one. Read this  LA Times Article and another article with the Huffington Post.

All the logistics are not ironed out, but that seems really cool. The concept is to give authors a free round-trip ride on a train. The writer then write during the trip. They also ask that the writer Twitter or post something. Sign-me-up for that! FREE one of my favorite words.

I have never slept in a train bed. I would love to take a train round trip coast to coast. There is something about trains that is so freeing. Trains are somewhat intrusive going through people's yards, cities and through the country side.

It makes me want to read some Paul Theroux books. He is an American travel writer and novelist who wrote The Great Railway Bazaar in 1975 and recently a 2013 travel book.

Would you do an Amtrak Residency?
Any of you want to sponsor me to ride the rails?
Anyone find an RV for me to borrow?

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