Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Editing, Really?

And there is nothing else to be said.

Someone posted this on Writer Unboxed Facebook page. It is so true. I love writing. I want to write, write, write and not have to deal with the editing process.

I have read some authors who say that they enjoy editing. Really? Why?

Writing is like enjoying a wonderful dinner and dessert. Editing is having to wash all the dishes and pots and pan by hand twenty times.

I don't mind working on the plot, developing the characters more and making changes that beta readers suggest. I do mind the grammar, spelling and maintenance tasks.

When I get a book deal and a six-figure deal, it will be great to have an editor and an assistant. Until then, I have to find a way to survive.

One great tool that I have found is the a writing program that reads me the book. I can listen and pick-up mistakes that I missed when reading it.

What do you think about editing? If you like it, what is your secret? If you hate it, what is your secret to get through it?

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