Monday, October 14, 2013

Author Seeking Beta Readers

I am finding that being a writer is a life-long process of learning. My first book I did a lot of things wrong, and I am learning from those mistakes. One of those mistakes is not having beta readers. So, I have researched places to find beta readers and posted that I am seeking beta readers.
I, also, added a tab on my blog.

My next effort is to write a post about wanting a Beta Reader. I need someone to read my work, and to give honest feedback. What was a good chapter? What worked and what didn't work? What was hilarious and what was boring?  If on top of all that you are a spell and grammar checker, that is great too.

I know this will improve my writing. I don't have many people built in that can read my work and give me honest feedback. It is hard for family and friends to do this. There are all those emotions bundled up in all that. Then there is so
much sugar-coating that I will need an additional dentist appointment.

Send me a message at if you would like to be a Beta Reader or if you know where I can find one. My most dire need right now is for Love's Autograph which is a lesbian romance.

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